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On Call Africa


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Areas of work

Improving health care in rural Zambia.

In order to bring about long-term change within the communities, On Call Africa addresses the root causes of health concerns, and poor access to healthcare.








What GIS-E has done


GIS-E has provided a range of maps for OCA and our exciting partnership continues to develop. Our maps have been integral to OCA's website update and have provided their operations team with geospatial expertise and data. GIS-E has also trained OCA's team in the use of GPS devices to enable them to collect data on the ground. Further capacity building includes assisting the OCA team with interactive mapping design.


Country/Region maps (Website and operations)  -  Project location maps (Funding and operations)

Malaria and WASH maps (Operations and funding)  -  GPS device use (Operations)



Community development



Water and sanitation



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