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Designing tailored maps to communicate inspiring action 

Our offer

We ensure that every map we create is distinctive and individual, in response to the specific aims of our partner organisations and their projects. The collaborative process we follow ensures close working and long standing relationships.


We understand the resource and capacity challenges that NGOs face which means we are sensitive to their needs and requirements. We offer pro bono services but rely on donations to keep us mapping.

We design visual maps that clearly and professionally communicate essential information for NGOs. Our maps range from simple location maps of a country, project or phenomenon to complex, data-integrated cartography.


Maps go beyond stats, text and images, and have many advantages:


- supports funding proposals

- enhances the look of websites


- icons, scale, contrast and                    colour overcome language barriers

Data compression

- concentrates large quantities    of information


- highlights trade-offs and            mutually compatible solutions

The process

We're mindful of the fact that our partners time and resources are limited, and therefore whilst striving for effective collaboration, we require minimal input from them.

Step 1


on how we can collaborate and what maps we could produce.


Usually over Skype or phone.

Step 2


of initial maps following identification of needs.

Can be turned around within 1 hour to a couple of weeks depending on complexity and deadlines.

Step 3

Feedback & re-design

of maps depending on your opinions and preferences.

We see re-design as a positive process and anything can be changed from text size, colours or the whole layout.

Step 4


of maps in funding reports, websites, project operations.

Effectively communicate your valuable work, issues you are tackling or projects you are proposing.

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