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Co-Founder & Partnerships Director

Phone: +44 7557 192 214

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We provide visual maps that clearly and professionally 

communicate essential information for NGOs. Our maps range from simple location maps of a country, project or phenomenon to complex, data-integrated cartography.


Cartographic information goes beyond stats, text and images, and is a valuable asset that;

  • supports funding proposals

  • enhances the look and feel of a website

  • effectively communicates complex actions and issues

Edward Beddows

Ed holds a Geography BSc from Durham University and has completed the SDG Academy Course on Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace. With a large focus on interdisciplinary research, he specialises in environmental change, management and conservation. Within this, he uses a range of remote sensing and modelling software.

Experience working internationally in five countries provides him with an ability to work with a diverse range of partner organisations. Having worked in leading organisations including WWF, Student Energy and Sustain Value, he brings a wealth of experience from both the NGO and private sector.

Ed also leads the Freshwater Wetlands working group for the Ecosystem Services Partnership, an international collaboration of academics and specialists. In this role, he manages discussion groups, workshops and article drafts, providing a knowledge sharing platform on wetland ecosystem services.

Kon-Tiki, by Thor Hererdahl 


The Juju Exchange


Adventure sports enthusiast (skiing, hiking), Hockey, Singing

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