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Committee Applications

Applications close 14th October

Aerial View of a Barren Land


Thousands of NGOs and charities across the world are on a mission to achieve a more sustainable future in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). COVID has made the challenge of achieving these goals even more complex and important.


GIS-E is a non-profit on a mapping mission to drive positive change. We provide maps that clearly and professionally communicate essential information for NGOs, supporting operations, funding bids, websites and outreach.


We’re a small, dynamic, 21st century non-profit with an international volunteer team ranging from undergrad students to retired GIS professionals, all using their diverse mapping skills to help NGOs break barriers and change the world. 


GIS-E is setting up a network of university hubs around the world. The first of this network will be in Durham, giving students a unique opportunity to manage a global volunteer team and a range of fascinating projects. There are five Committee positions open to Durham students.


GIS-E was founded in Durham in 2019 by two alumni in their final year of undergrad. The co-founders are keen for this opportunity to enhance the career prospects of the Committee through networking and real-world experience whilst studying for their degrees.

Key information

Working hours:                        Flexible (likely to be around 2/3 hours per week)

Location:                                  Work from home (remote – note that we an entirely remote organisation)

Appointment:                           12 months (Oct 22 to Oct 23)

Report to:                                 GIS-E Directors

Aerial View of Field

Partnerships Officer

Searching the world for new and exciting partners

Volunteer Officer

Leading the recruitment and HR of our global volunteer team

Mapping Officer (x2)

Managing our global volunteer team

Socials Officer

Keeping our volunteers happy and engaged

Outreach OfficeR

Seeking out new opportunities to grow GIS-E's platform


Partnerships Officer

Responsible for engaging and managing relationships with external organisations and our partners.


  • Conduct evidence-based research into potential partner organisations, ensuring organisations are vetted and aligned with GIS-E's targets and objectives. Partners will range from large to small international NGOs.

  • Act as the first contact with management teams of new organisations and engage with them to 'sell' GIS-E's services through various means (emails, social media etc.)

  • Manage pitching calls with new organisations and clearly identify their needs through research, brainstorming sessions and by drawing on own experience of GIS. Crucial to this will be ensuring a sound cultural understanding of the culture in which organisations are situated.

  • Outline and communicate to partners our ways of working and onboarding processes

  • Develop project briefs for mapping volunteers based around the world and set up communication channels with organisation.

  • Verbally brief Mapping Officers on new partners and map requests to enable maps to be produced in a timely manner

  • Reengage existing/old partners to build and maintain our global network.

4 traits we’re looking for

  • Negotiator, Strategic, Culturally aware, Visionary

Volunteer Officer

Responsible for the recruitment and onboarding of new volunteers from around the world as well as identifying talent and ensuring a diverse and high-quality volunteer team


  • Management and recruitment of volunteers from around the world. This will involve reviewing applications and conducting interviews with applicants.

  • Leading the onboarding and de-boarding of volunteers to ensure a seamless process of recruitment to support GIS-E's wider operations. Responsible for ensuring volunteers comply with and uphold GIS-E's standards and values.

  • Running a volunteer tracker to map out individual volunteer activity and engagement

  • Managing the applications and process of recruitment for the new Durham committee at the end of the academic year

  • Working closely with the Social Media lead for GIS-E to design recruitment campaigns

4 traits we’re looking for

  • Engaging, People-person, Talent spotter, Approachable

Mapping Officer (2 positions)

Responsible for managing GIS-E’s core function, managing the volunteers who make our maps


  • Managing GIS-E's mapping volunteers based around the world to enable GIS-E to produce high quality, timely maps.

  • Managing the mapping process from the initial map request to the final output. This will involve close working with the Partnerships Officer and our partner organisations to ensure they are happy with our products.

  • Managing the allocation and work stream of volunteers to ensure maps are produced in a timely manner.

  • Ensuring GIS-E's maps are high quality, intelligent and tailored to our partners' needs

  • Develop the skill-sets of the mapping volunteers through tutorials etc.

4 traits we’re looking for

  • Eye for detail, Organised, People-person, Leader

Socials Officer

Responsible for organising and leading socials for both the Committee and team of volunteers around the world.


  • Organising one social per month for our international volunteer team (ranging from formal career talks to quizzes). These will be really valuable in build a sense of community for a remote team. It will also be vital to recognise cultural differences both in how people like to socialise and other factors such as time zones and IT.

  • Recruit external speakers in to do talks both in person for Durham and online for our wider team (in collaboration with the Outreach Officer)

  • Working with other committee members to identify key areas of development for GIS-E's volunteer team. 

  • Run Durham Committee socials along with GIS-E Directors

  • Stash captain!

4 traits we’re looking for

  • Enthusiastic, Creative, Inclusive, Big thinker

Outreach Officer

Responsible for expanding GIS-E’s network through exciting opportunities and unconventional campaigns.


  • Research opportunities to expand GIS-E’s international network and build GIS-E’s profile. This could be through entering competitions, starting partnerships with umbrella organisations such as ESRI, organising speaking opportunities for the Directors among many other things.

  • Research and apply for funding opportunities 

  • Assess how GIS-E could engage better with existing supporting organisations such as We are Matchable and 1% for the Planet

  • Engage GIS-E's advisors and trustees and seek out opportunities to deepen these ties.

  • Work closely with GIS-E's Social Media lead to grow GIS-E's presence

4 traits we’re looking for

  • Independent, Networker, Imaginative, Resourceful

Apply to join the Committee

Thanks for applying to join the Committee! We'll get back to you by the end of October.

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